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About Us

Creation Forum Afrika (CAF) is not-for-profit organization promoting proactive citizenship, peace building and conflict resolution, good governance, natural resource justice and social economic justice rights for marginalized communities in southwestern Uganda’s conflict prone borderland Rwenzori sub-region.

Our founding was inspired by the need to protect the rights of marginalized communities following unending cycles of violence and rampant human rights violations in the Rwenzori sub-region of south western Uganda exposing a weak local human right and governance CSO space.

CAF was inspired by the need to provide leadership, and build a resiliently strong good governance and advocacy non state infrastructure in the region capable for championing social justice and good governance, informed peace building, human rights and building a strong culture of nonviolence in a region where such efforts were hardly available yet it is home of one of Uganda’s hardest hit, excluded and marginalized communities.

CAF believes that an-organized civically competent citizenry will become an epicenter for meaningful social change.

CAF’s mission is mobilizing, engaging and designing innovative programs that empower and harness the energy and the ingenuity of citizens to drive social change in their communities.

CAF envisions Innovative, Active & Empowered Citizens

Dignity, Solidarity, transparency celebration of diversity and inclusion

CAF is an organization guided by its constitution. Membership is procured by subscribing to the constitution and is open to individuals, groups and institutions interested in promoting and participating in the activities organized by CAF. The activities of the organization are conducted by a secretariat appointed by the Board that is elected by the General Assembly of members. The secretariat manages the organization’s programs and platforms and coordinates day today activities.